23rd Jan, 2007

Why don’t we want LNG here?

Here are a few of the many reasons:

  • An accident resulting in a leak of LNG from a tanker or an on-land storage tank would pose serious fire risks to surrounding communities, including the possibility of severe thermal radiation burns.
  • Legally mandated and enforced “exclusion zones” mean fishermen, fish farmers, tour-boat operators, ferries, ships going to and from Bayside, and recreational boaters would have to give LNG tankers up to two kilometers clearance.  This could last from several hours to days, depending on weather.  If both terminals are approved, there would be over 500 tanker transits in and out of the bay every year.
  • US security requirements for LNG tankers include gunboat escorts en route to terminals; putting US Coast Guard and possibly private armed boats in Canadian waters.
  • Local Canadian and American communities will incur huge costs to meet the safety and security requirements for this industry.
  • Our environment and quality of life will deteriorate and livelihoods based on fishing, aquaculture and tourism will be lost if heavy industry locates in this region.
  • We take all the risks and receive no benefits.  Two-thirds of the population and two-thirds of the water within the area affected by these terminals are Canadian.

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