20th Jun, 2008

A Special Thank You to All our Donors

Dear Friend

This letter is to thank you for enabling us to continue to do battle on your behalf and to advise you of the current situation. We are now facing not two but three proposed terminals. They are listed below in order of advancement of their individual progress.

1. Downeast LNG:
You will recall this company proposes to construct a terminal at Robbinston, opposite the St Andrews golf course. Upon conclusion of its public hearing before the Maine Board of Environmental Protection [BEP] Downeast requested they be allowed to withdraw their application and reapply at a later date. The request was turned down and we were cautiously optimistic that this huge hurdle would be a considerable nail in their coffin. But it was not to be. In September 2008, the US Fish and Wildlife Service refused their proposed pipeline route which crossed the Moosehorn Wildlife Preserve. Downeast used this as the basis for a further attempt to withdraw their application and, in November of last year, the BEP reversed their decision. Downeast have filed a new pipeline route along the St Croix River and will soon reapply to the BEP. We have not only lost the time and financial resources we spent in the first hearings but must go through this very expensive process again. And of course Downeast, like students who have seen the question papers, are ready to retake the exam.

2. Quoddy Bay LNG
FERC has suspended the application from Quoddy Bay LNG based on the company’s apparent inability to supply information requested by FERC. We do not know at this time if or when they will renew their application for a terminal at Pleasant Point. Quoddy Bay indicates this is just a suspension and that they will supply the required information in due course. They have now withdrawn their BEP application in order to reapply.

3. Calais LNG
This project, close to Todd’s Point, Oak Bay, is behind the other two in the approval process, but appears to have the financial backing of Goldman Sachs and Company. It is slowly gaining momentum.

The Canadian government holds steadfast to its resolve not to allow LNG tankers passage through Canadian waters. Our New Brunswick government is on side and neither local nor national government is providing the information necessary for the Water Suitability Report required by the US Coast Guard before FERC will issue an Environmental Impact Statement. Also, in January of this year the powerful US Government Accountability Office questioned the US Coast Guard’s ability to protect LNG tankers supplying the US.

In September, massed choirs from all around the bay will raise “Voices of the Bay” at a series of concerts to celebrate Passamaquoddy Bay and to highlight the continuing danger to this special place.

Thank you again for your support. Without you, this battle could not be fought.

Yours sincerely
Jessie Davies
Co-Chair Save Passamaquoddy Bay Canada

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