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Our group was incorporated in April 2006 by citizens of Charlotte County, New Brunswick who are fighting proposals by American companies to construct LNG terminals along the Maine coast of Passamaquoddy Bay at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy.  SBP/C is part of a three-nation alliance in this effort along with SPB/USA and the Passamaquoddy Indian group, Nulankeyutmonen Nkihtahkomikumon (We Protect Our Homeland).


Passamaquoddy Bay and the passages that link it with the Bay of Fundy – Head Harbour Passage, L’Etete Passage and Western Passage – and the associated West Isles archipelago are truly unique in beauty, ecology, marine life, tides, and cultural richness. The first French settlement in North America was here; one of Canada’s first marine research stations is here; Canada’s first seaside resort is here; tourism and fishing continue to flourish here. The list is long and impressive.


LNG tankers and their cargo will have to go through some of the most difficult waters on the east coast of North America to get to the two formally proposed terminals. The security requirements for LNG supertankers include large exclusion zones around the tankers as they pass through our waters. Disruption is a mild word for what this will mean for fisherman, tour operators, and boaters. While the potentially devastating accident zones include both Canadian and American communities, two-thirds of the affected population is Canadian.  There are many environmental, social, security, sovereignty and economic issues. The shortest argument is that this is probably the most unsuitable place imaginable for such a dangerous cargo and for heavy industry.  Establishing LNG terminals along the Maine coast of Passamaquoddy Bay will destroy our fisheries, aquaculture and tourism industries which are here now and which have sustained this area for centuries. The only reason the LNG promoters are in Downeast Maine is that several other Maine communities further down the coast have said no to LNG terminals.


We are in the battle of our lives for the future of this area. The Governments of Canada and New Brunswick, as well as all Charlotte County municipalities have taken strong stands against these LNG terminals.  But everyone recognizes that it is imperative for a citizens’ group to be engaged and make sure that position prevails in the end.  SPB/C is willing to do the ‘heavy lifting’—but we need your help to do it.

Learn more about the issues and how you can help on this website.

SAVE PASSAMAQUODDY BAY / Canada, Box 3909, St. Andrews, NB  E5B 3J7  |  Phone: (Fundy Baykeeper Office) 506.529.8838

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